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Thermal Imaging


Insulation laps with notable energy loss.  Note you can not see the insulation problems with the naked eye.


Air Leaks in weather stripping


Water intrusion found due to a roof leak 


I am very excited to report that Inspection Specialists, Inc. has ordered all new state of the art "Flir" infrared cameras for 2014.

Inspection Specialists, Inc. (ISI) thermographer's / thermal inspectors are trained & certified in thermal imaging building science.  When properly used we can interpret anomalies not seen by the naked eye.  Thermal imaging helps us to find conditions that would otherwise go unnoticed in a visual inspection. 

If you don't know much about infrared cameras or thermal imagers, the pictures above can say a thousand words. 

Infrared can help aid our inspectors to find such problems as wet areas, missing insulation, air leaks, animal and insect infestations, and a broad range of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical problems to name a few.  

Understand that Thermography IS NOT the end all and be all that many would like you to believe.  Thermal Imaging is just another tool that will help the inspector find issues they might have not caught with the typical visual only inspection. 

This tool will help aid ISI in providing you with the very best home or building inspection possible. Inspection Specialists, Inc. is always defining the future of home and building inspections and will use the latest state of the art equipment when possible.


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