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Certificate of Balcony Inspection (HB Section 509.2112)

At Inspection Specialists, Inc. we are a full service Professional Inspection firm that specializes in certified balcony, stairway and railway inspections. We would like to offer our Professional Inspection Services to assist you in meeting the State Requirements and to ensure that your condominium, hotel, restaurant, apartment or public lodging establishment is in compliance with the law.

Not only is there a requirement to perform this certified inspection every three years. The safety and liability concerns are overwhelming. One defective rail could not only be deadly but could cost millions in litigation liability.

The attached photo is an actual inspection photo taken by Inspection Specialists, Inc.. The Photo says it all.


You will notice that the aluminum square tube socket flange and the railing tube have separated leaving only the upper attached. This could quickly be a disaster since the upper railing only has minimal rail tube in the flange. Corrective action needs to take place ASAP since minimal flex is needed for the entire railing system to fail.

Did you know in 1981 a hotel walkway collapsed in Kansas City, and became the deadliest structural collapses in U.S. history killing 114 people and injuring 216 others and not until the collapse of the World Trade center in 2001 was this surpassed.

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